How does it work?

Your VUFRAME® App (and all subsequent app updates) can be automatically deployed to the Google Playstore and Apple App Store. We call this “App Publication”.

App Publication requires a one-time individual setup by a Vuframe Admin. You need to be a paying customer to be eligible for App Publication.

Please contact us here to get the process started.

Contact Admin


Provisioning / Certification

A seperate version of VUFRAME® app will be created and your individual app certificate or provisioning profile (Apple) will be applied. The final app package (and the packages of all future updates) will be uploaded to iTunes Connect (Apple) or the Play Store Developer Console (Google) automatically.


App Size Considerations

Please note that there are specific app size limits which apply to public stores, e.g. the 150 MB (as of 2018) limit for cellular downloads from the Apple App Store. These limits are subject to change. Check with the app store operator to get the most recent values.

In order to ensure your VUFRAME® App does not exceed these specific app size limits, please see this article about App Platform Content Handling.


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