User Management

The User Management allows you to keep an overview of all members of your company, all VUFRAME® CMS Users and all accounts that have access to your apps. You can set different roles for different members and users, this allows you to control your content and access to selected apps.

1. Manage Company

If you have booked the company management add-on with your package you can start here. If not please continue with step 3.

After logging in into your account you should see the company management dropdown in the header menu. By opening the dropdown you get a list of all companies that are available to you. By selecting one of the companies you will be able to see all projects, content and options from that company that is connected with the role of your account.

2. Company Members

You can access the company members by clicking the members button in the header area. The users listed here all have access to the company. If you already have other people invited to one of the projects in the company you also get a list of their accounts to quickly add them to the company members as well.

If you have the role of a manager you can add new people by clicking the + Member button in the top right corner of the member section. Enter the mail address and select a role then click Send Invite button.

There are two roles available in the Company Members area – Editor and Manager.

With this role you can add new members to the company and you see all the available projects
With this role you can add new members to the company and you see all the available projects

3. Project Members

It’s important to distinguish between Company Members and Project Members. The difference between these two is that every Project Member is assigned to one or more projects that he has access to. Company Users don’t necessarily have access to a project.

To see the members of a project click the Editor button in the header section. You’ll be presented with a list of all available projects. Select one of them to open it and in the next screen click the Members button on the top right side.

You see a list of all Project Members and if you have the Company Management feature activated you also see a list of all Company Members. This allows you to quickly invite people that are part of your company to one of the projects. To do so just press the +Invite button and select a specific role.

IIf you want to invite others to the project you have to click the +Member button on the top right of members section. Just add their mail address and select a role. There are three roles available:

People who can only see the content of a project but can’t make any changes to it.
People who can work on the content of a project such as creating a new SmartView™ or editing existing apps..
Same rights as editors but a manager can also invite new members to the project.

Note: Every project always has one Owner – with the owner account you can edit, transfer or delete your project.

4. App Users

You already know about Company Members and Project Members, but what if you want to give someone access to one of your apps without inviting them to your company or to one of your projects? That’s where the App Users come into play.

App Users can be managed in the Manage Company section described in step 1. You can access the list by clicking the App Users button in the top left of the page.

Click the +User button to add new people. Fill in the name and mail address and send the invitation. The user will receive an e-mail to accept the invitation. After that he has to set a password so he can login to the Vuframe App Portal where he can see all apps that are available to him. From there he can download the apps. If you want to read more about downloading apps please feel free to check out this article.

A manager can always revoke the access of an App User so the user can no longer use the app.

Note: If you have booked the Login feature with your package the App Users can also be used to grant access to login into your app.

5. User Groups

User Groups allow you to separate your company members. This can be used to share differnt content for different groups.

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