3D Dimensioning

Learn about how to add 3D Dimensioning to your Web SmartVu®.
Model with 3D Dimensioning
To use 3D Dimensioning you need to add a so called Extension to your SmartVu®. Open the SmartVu® you want to add the 3D Dimensioning and click on "Edit SmartVu®". Click on the Extensions Tab on the top right.
Entensions Tab open
Use the "+Add Extension" button and select the 3D Dimensioning extension to add it to your SmartVu®
3D Dimensioning extension
You can select the measurement unit from the dropdown menu (mm or Auto). If mm is selected the measurements are always displayed in millimeters. If Auto is selected the units are set automatically between millimeter, centimeter and meter, depending on the size of your model. Other units are coming soon.