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Details Page

Preview the settings of your SmartVu®
The SmartVu® Detail Page offers a broad range of useful information about your SmartVu®.

Tab Overview

  • Overview: Offers a general overview over the SmartVu®.
  • Summary: View all technical information on the source file as well the converted file in the VF3D format for comparison.
  • Sharing: Manage access to this SmartVu®. If password protection is enabled, a password will be required in order to view the content of this SmartVu®.
  • Analytics: Share your SmartVu® to receive insights on the usage of your SmartVu®
  • File Size: View all included SmartVu's® with their file size. This feature is especially relevant for SmartVu® Templates like the SmartVu® - Showroom.
  • Versions: Follow up on the latest and public version releases made by a Vuframe® Studio user