What is Vuframe®?

Vuframe® enables businesses to show & share their products virtually – by simply uploading their CAD / 3D files.
We want to make it easy for businesses to visualize & market their products in 3D, Augmented & Virtual Reality 🚀– We created a simple and user-friendly yet impressive way to show & share products – we call it SmartVu®.
Our mission is to remove the tech barrier and provide a simple, secure and one-click platform for everyone to create, edit and share SmartVu's® of their products.
We (Vufame, the company) provide a platform called Vuframe® which consists of our next-generation product visualization tool called SmartVu®, our web-based editor called Vuframe® Studio, the free Vuframe® App and our unique & cutting-edge CAD / 3D file processing software called Aura™.

With Vuframe® you can...

  • ...turn your products into photo-realistic SmartVu's® with a single click – just upload your CAD / 3D files, we take care of the rest using our cloud and cutting-edge gaming technology.
  • ...view & show your products in 3D on any device or in the browser, in life-size Augmented on any smartphone or tablet, and in Virtual Reality on many headsets – it just works!
  • ...share SmartVu's® quickly via a single link – just like YouTube – without being blocked by huge file sizes (we reduce CAD / 3D files down to 3% of the original file size).
  • ...stop worrying about the security of your sensitive CAD / 3D files thanks to our own proprietary file format which makes sure SmartVu's® are not reverse-engineer-able (this is part of Aura™).
  • ...embed SmartVu's® into you website and/or existing applications as an iFrame.
The best way to discover Vuframe is to try it out yourself: Example SmartVu's®****

Oh, and there's more – you also can...

  • ...optimized CAD / 3D files and use them for your own purposes.
  • ...create you own, white-label apps for Android, iOS, Windows and VR headsets.
  • ...create a 3D asset management system that integrates seamlessly with your other software using our API.

Getting Started

Need Help?

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  • Hire an expert to create SmartVu's® for you

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