How it works

What is Aura™? Why does it exist?

What is Aura™?

'Aura' stands for "Aura Unified Reality Authoring" – and is a modern file processing, storage and interaction framework for 3D objects and environments.

Files vs. Models

Aura™ takes a CAD / 3D File and converts it into an Aura™ 3D Model (previously called 'Scene').
You can find a list of all compatible CAD / 3D file formats here:
Learn more about 3D Models here:

Import & Normalization

Aura™ imports and normalizes CAD / 3D Files to a consistent and coherent internal storage format, we call 'AuRaw'. This is necessary, because – let's be honest – most CAD and 3D files are a mess.
Based on the normalized AuRaw-file we perform all optimization (see Pipeline) and export tasks.