The Aura™ 3D player powers all rendering of 3D models on all platforms and devices.

Supported Platforms

  • iOS
  • Android
  • Windows UWP
  • Windows Universal
  • Windows Mixed Reality
  • Web

Device Compatibility

Aura™ clusters devices into generations based on their combined GPU & CPU performance and based on available memory.

Fast Generation

Rule of thumb: any device released in the past 2 years, with at least 2 GB RAM.

Slow Generation

Any device older than 2 years or with less than 2 GB RAM.

Legacy Generation

Any device older than 2 years o with less than 1 GB RAM.

Player Context

The Aura™ player displays models in different display modes, called "contexts".

Context-based Layouts

If the 3D model has a layout called "<context>-default" it will be switched on when the player enters the context.


  • 3D / Touch
  • OnTable AR
  • Lifesize AR
  • Virtual Reality

Visual Effects

Scene Background


Single color background


Simple, 2-color gradient


Sphere or Cubemap

Physically-based Rendering

more info coming soon

Ambient Occlusion

more info coming soon

Realtime Lights

more info coming soon

Reflections & Reflection Maps

Reflections are generated by reflection maps. In Vuframe® Studio reflection maps are uploaded as cylindrical maps.
There's a default/global reflection, which can be overridden based on the player context and other settings:
  • In AR it will be overridden by realtime reflections – only on fast devices with ARKit (iOS-only)
  • Reflection Maps set in materials (manually) will override the default reflection map
  • Reflection Probes (expert use case) will override the default & global reflection map.

Static Reflection Maps

  • Cubemaps: you can also export cubemaps, e.g. from Unity 3D with the Aura™ Plugin. This has the benefit of including mipmaps, which are essential for smooth materials, as the mipmaps determine the level of smoothness.
  • Default Reflection: <todo>

Dynamic Reflection Maps

Animated models my benefit from dynamically updating reflection maps during animations.
Example: a reflective door which slides open will only look 'correctly' if the reflection is updated while the door is moving.


more info coming soon

Realtime Reflections (AR-only)

more info coming soon
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