How to create a simple Configurator

The Configurator Template is part of the Vuframe Business Package. In this short series of video tutorial you will learn how to change parts of a model, setting up a simple lightning setup for it and changing the colors of a material. There are far more complex setups possible but this tutorial will cover just a simple setup as a first steps with the configurator.

Hierarchy and Setup of Variation Groups

This short videos shows how you need to arrange your object hierarchy in your Vuframe Scene and how to setup the VF Variation Group to define the startup condition of your variation group and how to test your configuration inside Unity before publishing.

Creating and setting up a Configurator SmartVu

Learn how the Configurator SmartVu™ works and how to setup the actions to change the active VF Variation group of your model and how to use 3D Command Actions.

Using Variation Styles to change colors

In the last video of this short series you will get to know the VF Variation Style component and how to use it to change the color of a material of a model.