How to use the Password Protection Feature

The Password Protection Feature allows VUFRAME® Studio users to restrict access to App sections or SmartVu‘s™ by requiring a password. It is NOT intended for securing confidential information as it only provides surface-level protection.

1. How to find the Password Protection Feature in VUFRAME® Studio

  • Open VUFRAME® Studio and sign in to your VUFRAME® Studio account.
  • Unfold the menu tab by clicking the v-shaped symbol on the upper left corner.
  • Then choose the Project you want to modify.
  • After you’ve chosen your desired Project you can open the App Editor within the menu tab.

Note: If you only want to change the protection-settings for your SmartVu‘s™ then you can do so by opening the SmartVu™ Editor within the menu tab.

  • Now select the content you want to define a password for by clicking the card displaying the preview image from one of the Page or SmartVu™ elements.

2. How to define a password for your content

  • When you’ve clicked a Page or SmartVu™ Card you will find on the next screen a toolbar below the content’s title. From where you can switch via a Settings option button (most right element) to settings menu.
  • In the settings menu first scroll down to the Security-section and then check the Enable Password Protection box.
  • After enabling the password protection, a input field will appear from where you can define a password.

Note: Password settings can only be changed by editor or higher (otherwise a short info text is displayed). Readonly role can only see the password as cleartext if it is set.

  • Save your changes by clicking either the Save or Save&Close button
  • A SmartVu™ with password protection is marked with a lock symbol at its entry in the SmartVu™ list and at the popup card as well.

3. How to handle locked content inside your app

  • If an you attempt to open a page or SmartVu™ with Password Protection, you will be prompted to enter a password.
  • You need to enter a password in order to:
    • access locked app sections.
    • download shared SmartVu‘s™ with Password Protection.
    • open protected SmartVu‘s™.

Note: As long as users are logged in with their VUFRAME® Studio account, password protection will be ignored for all content they have access to within VUFRAME® Studio.

  • When you have entered the correct password, it can be saved via the upcoming popup-dialog.

Note: The password remains only saved until the app is moved to the background.

4. Problems & Limitations

  • Users maybe will circumvent password protection on shared SmartVu‘s™ by opening them with an older version of the VUFRAME® App or any professional app that doesn’t support password protection yet.
  • Users may have set a password for Pages/SmartVu‘s™ in existing apps that have not received an update yet, then the setting will have no effect.
  • The password system can not guarantee full protection as the feature content is still delivered in seed as cleartext