Link Actions to Hotspots in the CMS

Some 3D Scenes can be enriched with so-called Hotspots. You can add different actions to it like triggering a popup image or a video to show related information. In this article you read about creating your first Actions and linking it to SmartVu‘s™. 

1. Actions View

  • After selecting your SmartVu™, all preferred Actions must be defined
  • Go to Actions view by clicking on the “Actions Tab” (see red frame)

2. Choose Your Action

  • All media you want to use in your Hotspots must first be uploaded
    either to a folder or directly into the SmartView™
  • Then create your desired Action
  • Click on the button “+ Create Action(1)
  • In the dropdown you’ll find different Actions to choose from
    (They can be accessed later on every hotspot in your 3D scene)
  • The suitable Actions in this specific example are the ones at the bottom. (2)
  • After you select your desired Action the Action Editor opens

3. The Action Editor

  • After you select your desired Action the Action Editor opens (1)
  • If you want to make changes to your Actions, just click on the pencil icon (2)

The following settings can be made in the editor:

  • Action Title – an internal titel to identify the action within the CMS
  • Title – displayed title of the popup on the device
  • Text – in addition to the title, a short description text can be displayed in the popup
  • Image (Image, PDF) – a dropdown with a selection of the media files available in the project
    (PDF, pictures, videos etc.) appears
  • Button Action – if this is set, a button appears at the bottom of the popup, which can perform another action
  • Button Text – If you choose a button action you can specify a text to be displayed.

4. Select 3D Scene

  • Select your 3D scene where you want the Action to be assigned to
  • Click on either “Initial 3D File” or “Additional 3D Files(1)
  • Then click in the dropdown menu called “Mappable Triggers” to show all available 3D scenes (2)

5. Link Action to Hotspot

  • Click the dropdown menu called “Assigned action” and choose
    the desired Action for your SmartVu™ Hotspot (1)

  • Click on the Action we just created in Step 3 (2)

6. Save and Publish Changes

  • After all changes are made, click on the green “Save” button and
    your Actions are available in the Draft version of your app

Tip: You should save your work periodically while you are editing Actions in the Actions Editor.