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How-to: Find and download your white-label Apps

The VUFRAME® CMS comes with a built-in app store that let’s you manage and share your apps all in one place.

1. Find Your Apps

To see all apps available to you a login to the VUFRAME® CMS is required. Otherwise you can also download an app if you have received a direct download link.

After you have logged in to the VUFRAME® CMS you can find your apps by navigation to the download area, which can be found in the header section.

If you have multiple apps in your project you have to select the one you want to download/share. When you have selected your app you can see all available app versions listed under the Download tab.

2. App Versions – Draft & Live

The Apps usually come in two versions – draft and live. Depending on the version you install you can see different content in the app. The versions are distinguishable by the app icon and app name.

Draft: The draft version of the app shows you the current state of the content. This means whenever you save some changes in your app it is immediately available by a content update. The draft version is used to review your changes, so you can make some slight adjustments if you need to before publishing everything to the live version.

Live: This version shows only content that is released (not only saved). So whenever you change something in your app and you are happy with how it looks you can publish it to the public. The red Review Now button always indicates that there are changes waiting that are not visible in the live version yet. To publish those changes you just click the Review Now button and in the next screen you see the Release Changes button.

(Note: If you have an app on multiple platforms make your that you select the right platform before pressing the Release Changes button. Once the changes are release there is no undo button, if you want to set the app back to an older state you have to do so manually by editing your pages and content.)

3. Installing Your Apps

There are basically three ways to share, download and install your app.

  1. Login to your account on a mobile browser and install the apps directly.
    If you log on to the VUFRAME® CMS from the device you want to install the app to you can simply navigate to the apps download area and press the Install button.
  2. Create your download link online and share it via QR code, mail or direct link.
    When you are logged in to the VUFRAME® CMS you have to navigate to the downloads tab in your app area. Then you select the app you want to share/install by clicking on the entry. In the next screen you see a list of all apps available to you. By clicking on one of the entries you get the share card that gives you three options.
    • You can scan the QR code with a mobile device (either use QR code scanner app oder if you’re running iOS 11 or greater you can simply use the camera app). After scanning you get a download page with an Install button.
    • You can send the link to a device via mail. After receiving the mail and clicking the link you will be redirected to the download page which shows a button to install the app.
    • If you prefer to send the link with another service you can do so by going to the Link tab where you can copy the link. After that you can paste and send the link with the service of your choice.
  3. Invite people by adding them to your App User list (company management add-on required).
    [Coming Soon]

Note: If you it’s the first VUFRAME® App you install on your device, make sure to trust Vuframe GmbH as a developer. If you don’t know how to do this please refer to this articles (iOS, Android).

4. Updating Your Apps

There are two types of updates – content and app updates. This article covers the app update section.

App updates usually only occur if we change something in the SmartVu or page templates. Whenever an app update is available to you you see an update dialog when you open the the app. After confirming the dialog the app update happens automatically. Alternatively you can always go to the download area in the VUFRAME® CMS to download the latest version of your app manually.

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