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Your VUFRAME® Apps (white-label)

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How to install a Vuframe Mixed Reality App on Windows

Search Since Mixed Reality Apps must be delivered as UWP (Universal Windows Platform) the installation of Mixed Reality Apps is a bit different to the installation of a normal Windows app. Before installing the app itself you need to trust Vuframe as a...

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How to install a Vuframe App on Windows

Search To install a Vuframe App on Windows it only needs 3 simple step. 1. Download As well as for your mobile App you will receive an App download link. Or you can find it in your App on the CMS. It is possible the it also can be the same link since the...

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Draft and Live Versions of your App

Search If you are building your App with our VUFRAME® Platform you will discover that there are two versions of your App for each platform (Android and iOS). There is a Live version and a Draft version with the little red label on the bottom of the icon....

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