How to install a Vuframe Mixed Reality App on Windows

Since Mixed Reality Apps must be delivered as UWP (Universal Windows Platform) the installation of Mixed Reality Apps is a bit different to the installation of a normal Windows app. Before installing the app itself you need to trust Vuframe as a developer. This is required since the app is distributed through the Vuframe App Store not Microsoft Store.

1. Download

As well as for your mobile App you will receive an App download link. Or you can find it in your App on the CMS. It is possible the it also can be the same link since the our platform differentiates between different operating systems and will present you the app download for the device you are currently on.

2. Unzip

Right-click on the zip file when the download is done and click on “Extract All…” and extract the App to a folder of your choice.

3. Trust Vuframe

When trying to install the app, from the .appx file, without trusting Vuframe as a developer certificate the installation will fail. If you have already installed a Vuframe UWP app this step is not necessary, since the certificate is already on your computer.

After unpacking the zip file double-click on the .cer file.
A dialog box will pop up, click on open.
In the next step Windows will show you the developer certificate. Click on “Install Certificate…”
The Certificate Import Wizard shows up and you are asked how the certificate needs to be installed. Choose “Local Machine” and click “Next”. This step needs Administrator rights so Windows will show you a dialog box if you really want to install this certificate. Click Yes.
No you need to tell the wizard where the certificate should be stored. Choose “Place all certificates in the following store” and press “Browse…”
Choose “Trusted Root Certification Authorities” as shown below and click on “OK”
Click on Next to install the certificate.
Now the Certificate is installed properly and you can continue with the next step, installing the app itself.

3. Install the App

After you trusted Vuframe double-cklick on the .appx file.

Choose if you want to launch the app directly after it is instaled or if you want to start it later. You can run an MR app from the Start-Menu (Windows icon on the bottom left) or  from the Mixed Reality Portal app.