How to install a Vuframe App on Windows

To install a Vuframe App on Windows it only needs 3 simple step.

1. Download

As well as for your mobile App you will receive an App download link. Or you can find it in your App on the CMS. It is possible the it also can be the same link since the our platform differentiates between different operating systems and will present you the app download for the device you are currently on.

2. Unzip

Right-click on the zip file when the download is done and click on “Extract All…” and extract the App to a folder of your choice.

3. Run

Enter the folder you unpacked your app and open the EXE-file that is located in that folder. There is no further installation process necessary.

After your started the App for the first time it will start to download your content and will restart automatically. This happens only after the first start or if you update your content in the CMS and release the changes.