Assyst Vidya

Seamlessly upload vidya (*.obj) files

This Integration is currently in Beta – see Known Issues


Zip your vidya .obj file and drag into the upload window in VUFRAME® Studio to upload as VIDYA ZIP file. If the model contains textures or materials, make sure to include these textures in a zip folder so it contains the .obj file, the .mtl file and the textures and drag the zip folder into the upload window.

  • The files should be uploaded as .zip files including the 3D scene as well as relevant textures

  • Textures need to be in a sub-folder on one level with the 3D file

  • Each .zip file may only include one 3D file

What is the Vidya Integration?

We have integrated the possibility to convert 3D files export from Vidya to SmartVu’s®. This means you can upload OBJ files exported from Vidya in the VUFRAME® Studio and convert it in a SmartVu® in one click. You will have the possibility to show your garment 3D models enriched with further product information, e.g. pictures, texts, links as a SmartVu® either in the VUFRAME® app or your own white-label app. You will also have the possibility to create a web-based SmartVu® share it by sending a share link and open it in a browser or integrate it into your own website via iFrame.

Compatible Vidya Versions

We have optimized our Vidya uploader for Vidya version If you work with an older version of Vidya and face any problems during the upload process, please kindly contact us.


OBJ files are using a right handed coordinate system by default. Please choose the following settings regarding the axes of the 3D model:

  • z up

  • y facing away/backwards

  • x facing right

Export Settings

To achieve a correct conversion of your 3D file into a SmartVu® it is vital that you observe the following guidelines:

  • Please choose the following export settings for the up axis: z up globally

  • The metrics should be ‚millimeter’.

  • Export your 3D file to Wavefront OBJ file format

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