Import and Model Configuration

When importing models to the Vuframe® Studio there are two different types of model settings that can be applied to your models. Workspace settings and settings for each Aura 3D® model.

The Workspace and Aura 3D® Model import settings are mostly the same, but knowing where to apply which setting, can speed up your workflow immensely. If you want to work with those settings, you Workspace needs to be setup correctly. If you can't access the following sections, please contact your Account Manager that will guide you through the process of obtaining the rights to use them. For detailed information on those settings, please read the in-depth article 3D Model Settings.

Workspace Settings

Those settings are applied to every model you upload to your Workspace in the Vuframe® Studio. Let's say, you upload 10 files and the rotation on 8, 9 or all of those files is incorrect (e.g. the product is upside down or is standing on its side). This is the case, where you should use the global settings. It is always easier to correct a few products than to correct every single file you upload.

How to access the Workspace Settings?

  1. Make sure you are in the correct Workspace, you want to upload your products. (Note: Those settings are only applied to the Workspace you are currently in)

  2. Open the menu on the top left, next to the Vuframe® Logo

  3. Now you can set your preferences for your space (e.g. Rotation, Placement etc.)

3D Model Settings

If 9 out of 10 of your uploads are correct, then you should only correct those few models that are not placed or rotated as expected then you can correct them with the 3D Model settings.

How to access the 3D Model Settings?

  1. Open the menu on the top left, next to the Vuframe® Logo

  2. Click on "3D Models" in the Aura3D™ section

  3. Select the model you want to edit by clicking on it

  4. Switch to the "3D Settings" tab and edit the settings\

  5. Press "Save Changes" when you are done

  6. Your product will be available after the reprocessing is done

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