Unity 3D

Our platform integrates seamlessly with the world's most popular 3D game engine & authoring tool.

3D Designers can seamless integrate all our tools into their daily workflow.


  • upload a CAD / 3D file to VUFRAME® to have it optimized

  • Download the optimized 3D model and import it in Unity 3D with our Unity 3D Plugin

  • Work with it like with any other 3D file you import in Unity 3D:

    • add animations

    • bake lightmaps

    • tweak materials

    • or anything else

Unity 3D Plugin

We are working on a new and better version. The new Unity 3D integration is coming soon. Developers can checkout our new Aura 3D® SDK for Unity 3D in the meantime.

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Unity 3D Support

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