Environment Model

If you want to get rid of the all white background and add an environment model (e.g. a showroom or photo studio like environment) you can use this setting.

You can have several environment presets in your Workspace.

You can add them as a default enviroment by using the global import settings or on select one specifical environment in the 3D model settings. Those environment presets are supplied by Vuframe®. If you want to add one or more environemts to your Workspace, please get in contact with us.

How to add a default environment to Space?

  1. Make sure you are in the correct Workspace, you want to upload your products. (Note: Those settings are only applied to the Workspace you are currently in)

  2. Open the menu on the top left, next to the Vuframe® Logo

  3. Scroll down to the entry Environment Model and use the drop down menu to select the environment model you want to add to all your uploads.

Note: You can remove or change the Environment Model only in the 3D Model settings.

How to add a environment to a single 3D product

  1. Open the menu on the top left, next to the Vuframe® Logo

  2. Click on "3D Models" in the Aura 3D™ section

  3. Select the model you want to edit by clicking on it

  4. Switch to the "3D Settings" tab and edit the settings

  5. Press "Save" when you are done

  6. Your product will be available after the reprocessing is done

If you want to remove or change the Addon Model from a 3D model set the drop down menu to none or select a different model and click on "Save" in the Environment & Addon Model section.

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