Insert & Remove Objects

You can insert or remove objects based on naming conventions

Ego and Event Triggers

Ego Triggers and Event Triggers are buttons in the scene with special functions when clicked. Ego triggers will transport the camera to the location of the trigger and enable the user to look at different spots in the scene. Event triggers can be mapped in the VUFRAME® Studio with special events to happen when clicked. In order to create a trigger, have the object name contain either "vf_event_" or "vf_ego_".

Currently the object has to be a null (empty) object, in order to create the trigger properly. We are working on a way to add this functionality to mesh objects.

Camera Object

Aura™ can overwrite the default camera position to a objects position, when there is a object named "vf_camera" in the original scene. Please note that the camera will still be looking at the center of the scene, so setting the camera very close to the scene might create an unwanted behaviour. To zoom the camera to specific spots in the scene, check out Ego Triggers above.

Hidden Objects

Aura™ can hide objects by using a special naming convention in the object name. Use the string "vf_hiddenObjects" and add it to your object name, in order to hide the object itself, and all its children. This feature can be used for example to hide unwanted studioobjects or duplicates that exist outside of the scene. Simply create a null object called "vf_hiddenObjects" and parent all the unwanted objects to the null object.

This feature is not implemented with Assyst Vidya Integration. We are working on a solution.

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