App Installation and Device Tracking

VUFRAME® Studio allows you to track how your clients are using your apps by providing you with activity and device information.

Accessing installation and device information for your apps

To view the installation and device information for one of the apps you have created in VUFRAME® Studio, open the app list using the menu entry Apps and find your app in the list. Alternatively, you can click the navbar entry labeled Download in the App Editor. From this page, you can access the tracking information by selecting the navigation entry Devices.

Interpreting the tracking data for your app

The app tracking page displays a list of all devices your app has been installed as well as some information about the user and their activity. A new entry is added every time your app is installed on a new device.

  • Device Name: The custom name of the device (e.g. "John's iPad").

  • Device Type: The model of the device the app is running on (e.g. "iPad Air 2").

  • User: If the app was installed using a personalized download link or if your app makes use of the enterprise user management, this field displays the name of the user the app installation was registered for. For installations via public link, the value will be "Anonymous".

  • Registered at: The time and date the device was registered. This equals the time the app was installed.

  • Last active at: The time and date the app was last started by the user.

  • Live installed/Draft installed: Indicates whether the live and/or the draft version of the app are installed on this device.

If you expand one of the entries, a number of advanced information will be displayed for both the live and draft version of the app on the current device.

  • App Version: The version name and build number of the currently installed version of the app. You can use this value to verify that your clients are using the latest version of the app.

  • Content Revision: The version of the app content. You can use this to check whether a user has downloaded the latest content for your app by comparing it to the version number in the app editor.

⚠️ Important: As the app tracking system only has been fully available since March 2020, the tracking information displayed for older apps may be inaccurate (activity and version data may not match the actual values).

App Installation

There are different ways how to install your App(s). The following steps will describe those methods in detail. Basically, a distinction must be made between a live or draft version and the platform used (iOS, Android und Windows).

Furthermore, Apps can be installed per Apple App Store and Google Play Store or the Vuframe App Store. Windows based Apps are only available on the latter, as well as Android Draft Apps.

Live Apps:

Installation with Vuframe App Store:

You can get access to your Apps with your Vuframe Studio Account.

Step 1:

Open the Burger Menu in the upper left and then choose the option "Apps"

Here you can choose the App variant you wish to install.

In the next step click the button "Install".

Step 2:

In the subsequent overview, you now have various options for the way in which you want to install the app.

QR-Code: scan the code with the device you want to install the app on.

Email: send the installation link to the email adress as that is used for your Vuframe Studio Account.

Link: open the installation link directly in a browser on the current device.

Step 3:

Now the following page opens in your browser:

First click "Install", then in the Popup on the edge of the screen "OK" (iOS) and for Android click on the download button respectively.



For iOS click "Install", on Android click first "Open", then "Install".


Installation with Apple App Store / Google Play Store:

If you have activated the Add-On for one or both Stores in the Vuframe Studio you can also install your Apps from there.

Repeat Steps 1 and 2 as described for the Vuframe Store Installation.

Then click „Download on the App Store“ on iOS and "Get it on Google Play" on Android.

iOS: click in the Popup on the edge of the screen "OK". You will be forwarded to the Apple App Store.


Click on the Installation button and wait until the Installation Process is finished.

Draft Apps:

As mentioned above, both Android and Windows Apps are only available on the Vuframe Store.

Just follow the steps 1-3 as described before.

For iOS Drafts you need the App TestFlight:

Follow steps 1 and 2 and then click on the button „Open in TestFlight“.

Click on the Installation button and wait until the Installation Process is finished.

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