Popup With Website Action

This action displays a popup dialog containing an embedded external website. This way, you can enrich your SmartVu® directly with third-party content.

Using the Popup With Website Action, you can seamlessly integrate other web content into your SmartVu®. Examples for content that can be embedded are PDF viewers, YouTube videos, newsletter subscription forms and more.

In contrast to the Open Website action, the Popup With Website action will not redirect the user to the linked webpage, but display it in a popup within the SmartVu®. This way, the user stays within the context of the SmartVu® and does not have to navigate back across multiple browser tabs.


To add a Popup With Website Action for your SmartVu®, choose the corresponding entry in the "Add Action" dropdown in the SmartVu® Editor. Set the title of the popup dialog and enter the URL of the external website you want to be displayed. Now save and optionally share your SmartVu®.

Known Issues & Limitations

  • The Popup With Website Action is currently only supported in the VUFRAME® App for Web and is not compatible with the apps for iOS, Android and Windows.

  • Some websites can not be displayed as embedded content and will result in an error within the popup (see below). This happens if the owner of the external website does not allow their website to be embedded using IFrame elements, which there is unfortunately nothing you can do about. However, some websites may offer a separate version of the page that can be embedded (e.g. YouTube embed links).

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