Opt In for latest Webviewer Version

Learn how to setup your Vuframe® Studio Space to display your Web SmartVu® with the latest version of our webviewer and why it can sometimes be beneficial not to.

What is the Webviewer?

The Webviewer is the component that enables you to display your SmartVu's in all kinds of web browsers. This component is very frequently updated.

Why should I use the latest version?

With the latest version you will get different performance upgrades, for example better performance, quicker loading and better visuals. You might also want to upgrade to use other cool features we released that depends on the latest Webviewer version to work correctly.

Why you possibly not want to use the latest version?

No software product is perfect right from the getgo and develop a Webviewer to work with every SmartVu® on every browser is a big task. In new releases, bugs can always occur in the beginning, that’s why we’re offering you a safe and stable version to hop back to for your SmartVu’s® to run smoothly.

Can I go back to the older version after updating?

Yes, your SmartVu's® aren't changed through the update, only the way they are displayed in your browser. If there are any errors or unwanted changes you can always go back to the older version.

How can I update?

Your Space needs to be upgraded to Aura 2.0 this has to be done by a Vuframe® team member. Please contact us to make this upgrade, if you want to know if your Space is already upgraded to Aura 2.0 or if you have other relating questions. Also, you need to be at least manager or owner of the space you want to setup for the latest version of the webplayer.

Step 1: Go to the first page of your Space

Step 2: Click on the "Settings" button.

Step 3: Scroll down and select Version 1 (stable version) or Version 2 (latest version).

Step 4: Review you Web SmartVu's® and downgrade if there are any issues. If so we are happy to hear from you and keep you updated when those issues are fixed.

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