Smartphone & Tablet

We provide our VUFRAME® App for **** Smartphones & Tablets that run with iOS or Android. They are available in the Google PlayStore and the Apple AppStore.

Start SmartVu's®

There are 3 different Pages, through which you can access your SmartVu's®:

After clicking on a SmartVu® in one of the pages, a Card-View will be opened, showing you some infos about the SmartVu® and the option to DOWNLOAD/VIEW it. Additionally there is a button for sharing the SmartVu® (right bottom corner of the preview picture) and one for adding it to your Bookmarks Page (right bottom corner of the Card-View).

Upon clicking DOWNLOAD, the app will automaticly download all needed data to your phone. If different SmartVu's® share data, it only needs to be downloaded once (saving space on your device). Afterwards the DOWNLOAD button will be replaced with a VIEW button, which starts the SmartVu® after clicking it.

Bookmarks Page

On app start you will be greeted with the Bookmarks Page. It shows you your bookmarked SmartVu's® or, if you haven´t bookmarked anything yet, a button that links to the Examples Page.

Adding a new SmartVu® to your bookmarks

If you want to add SmartVu's® from one of your Vuframe® Studio Projects, or with a ShareCode you need to click on the "+" in the top right corner. Now you can choose if u want to enter the ShareCode or scan the QR-Code of the desired SmartVu®

After doing so the entered SmartVu® will automaticly be bookmarked and shown in your Bookmarks Page.

Removing a SmartVu® from your Bookmarks

You can delete a Bookmark by clicking on the SmartVu® and then clicking on "Remove Bookmark" in the bottom right corner. This will only remove the bookmark, but not the files from your device (if the SmartVu® is still linked in your Drafts Page or Examples Page, opening the SmartVu® won´t require downloading the data again).

Examples Page

The Examples Page is full of SmartVu's showing you the capabilities of our system. If you dont have your own SmartVu's® yet you can get an overview on how they work here.

Drafts Page

The Drafts Page will be available after you use the Login (Vuframe® Studio Account) on the bottom of the Apps Sidebar.

After Logging in the Drafts Page will show you all your Vuframe® Studio Spaces, and after entering, all the SmartVu's® contained by them.

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