Company Management

The use of the Company Management is only available for Vuframe® Enterprise Accounts.

Login/Logout of Vuframe® Studio

Open the browser and go to Enter your credentials to access the Vuframe® Studio. If you don’t have an account yet, please register here.

If you forgot your password, click Forgot your password?. Enter your email address and click “Reset password”. An email will be sent to your inbox.

Company Management


The Company Management is a feature of the Vuframe® Studio for maintaining user permissions and content restrictions in your applications. The Company Management will prevent unauthorized access to your Apps or their content if your Apps include the App Login Addon or Content Login Addon.

Features of the Company Management include:

  • Inviting and revoking user access to your applications

  • Define User Groups to restrict content access

  • Use authentication AddOns to prevent unauthorised access

  • Download your applications through the Company App Portal, specially designed for your app users.

Gain Access to the Company

Once successfully logged in, use the sidebar to navigate to your Company Account. To do so, hover over the current account and then select the company.

Please note: Only invited Vuframe® Studio users can access the company. If access has not yet been granted, please contact your administrator.

Company Management Dashboard

Open the sidebar once more, hover over the current company account and select Manage Account.

This view is used to

  • allow and revoke access of app and company users

  • grant User Groups access to the application content

  • configure the Company App Portal

  • and perform general changes


  • App Users:

    • Invite and revoke user access to your applications.

  • App Permissions:

    • Restrict access to your app content to specific User Groups.

  • User Groups:

    • Create groups and assign users for fine-grained access control to apps, content and features.

  • Members:

    • Add Vuframe® Studio members with a different set of permissions.

  • Settings:

    • Perform general changes that have an effect on the presence of the Company App Portal and authentication features in the apps.

Section: Members

In this section of the Company Management, Vuframe® Studio users are granted or revoked access to the company. The initial configured role for new users is the Editor role.

  • Owner:

    • Manager rights + maintaining every aspect of the Company Management

  • Manager:

    • Editor rights + managing parts of the Company Management

      • Add/remove/manage User Groups

      • Grant/deny access to app users and Vuframe® Studio users

  • Editor:

    • Allowed to perform changes to SmartVu’s® and applications.

Invite new Company Members

Add new members by clicking + Members. Fill out the required information. Once finished, click Send invite.The invited Vuframe® Studio user will receive an email and needs to confirm the invitation. In case the user does not yet have a Vuframe® Studio account, a new account will be created.

Section: App Users

This view is used to grant or revoke app user access to your applications. If the access has been revoked, the app user can no longer access applications.

What’s the difference between App Users and Vuframe® Studio users?

Unlike Vuframe® Studio users, app users do not have access to the Vuframe® Studio. App users may use the Company App Portal to download the latest version of your applications.

Add a new App User

To add a new app user, click on the button + User. The invited user will then receive an invitation email and has to set a password for his account. The user now has the right to

  • sign in the applications with his credentials

  • use the Company App Portal

Additional Filter Options

This section has additional filter options.

  • Active Company Users:

    • Displays all app users with authorisation to use the applications.

  • Revoked Company Users:

    • Shows the list of revoked users. The users may be added again at any time.

  • Vuframe® Company Users:

    • Displays all Vuframe® Company App Portal users

  • Vuframe® Studio Users:

    • List of Vuframe® Users with access to the apps

Section: User Groups

This section of the Company Management allows you to create groups and assign users for fine-grained access control to apps, content and features. This feature also takes effect on the Company App Portal; depending on the User Group the user is in, your apps will be shown or hidden for the user.

Please note: If an app user or Vuframe® Studio user is newly added in the Company Management, the users will initially be assigned to the Default Group.

Navigate to the tab User Groups.

Create a new User Group

Click on the button + Group to create a new User Group. Next, click on Create to add the new User Group.

Add users to User Group

To add users to any existing User Group, click on the + Add User button. Select the users you would like to add to the User Group. Next, click Add User.

Section: App Permissions

In this section, User Groups are granted or denied access to your applications.

Navigate to the tab App Permissions.

Grant User Groups Access to your App

  • The option Not allowed will deny the User Group access to the application

  • The option Allowed will grant the User Group access to the application

Once done, make sure to save your changes by clicking the Save Changes button.

Grant User Groups Access to specific content in your App

Use the sidebar to navigate to your company space. Next, open the sidebar once more and select the App Editor.

Select the corresponding application where you want to restrict the content access.

In the App Editor, click on the tab User Groups.

All the available content in the application is listed in this section. Either grant or deny the User Groups access to the content. Once done, make sure to save your changes by clicking the Save Changes button.

Section: Settings

In this section the general information about the company is maintained. Settings like the company name or logo are shown in the Company App Portal as well as the authentication AddOns App Login and Content Login in your iOS and Android application.

Navigate to the tab Settings.

Settings Overview




Change the company name.


Set the owner of the company.

Operator Name

This name is displayed on invitation emails and pages.

Support Contact

Set a support contact for your app users in case of problems


Set a logo that is displayed in the Company App Portal and authentication dialogs.

Show Vuframe® App in App Store

Show or hide the Vuframe® App in your Company App Portal.

Company App Portal

The Company App Portal provides secure access to enterprise applications and resources for employees of your company without direct access to the Vuframe® Studio.

Further, the Company App Portal features a documentation knowledge base for your users.

Open the Company App Portal

For Vuframe® Studio users, the Company App Portal can be accessed via the widget on the right hand side of the Company Management in the Vuframe® Studio.\

Use the link to open the Company App Portal. To view this page, the user needs to authorise himself with the credentials, either as a registered app user or as a Vuframe® Studio user who’s a member of the company.

Share the Company App Portal with your users

The generated link in the Company Management can be sent directly to your users. Only registered users can open the Company App Portal and download applications.\

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