User Account

To start using VUFRAME® Studio, all you need to do is create a free new account. With this account, you can log into VUFRAME® Studio as well as the VUFRAME® Apps to access your content.

Registering a new VUFRAME® Studio account

Creating a new VUFRAME® Studio account is easy and free - simply open the VUFRAME® Studio login page, click Sign up and enter your contact information.

After submitting your data, you will receive a confirmation email. Click the link labeled Confirm your account, enter a password for your new account and submit.

You are now ready to go - log in with your email and the password you just set and start creating SmartVu's®!

Blocked Accounts

In cases of violations against our terms of service, VUFRAME® Studio accounts may be blocked indefinitely. Blocked accounts are no longer able to use their credentials to log into VUFRAME® Studio or the VUFRAME® Apps. In addition, all apps and shared SmartVu's® created by blocked users will no longer be accessible. This means that apps can no longer be installed or started; also, they can no longer be accessed in VUFRAME® Studio by collaborators.

If you believe your account has been blocked by mistake and should be reinstated, don't hesitate to contact us.

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