Content Update

Apps created in VUFRAME® Studio always stay up to date by automatically downloading the latest content.

How does it work?

Everytime your app is started, it will automatically check whether new content (e.g. new files or settings) is available for download. For the Draft version of the app, this will always be the latest content; for the Live version, the last released version of the content will be requested (see Draft & Live). If a new version of the app content is available for download, the user will be asked to confirm the update (see screenshot).

The app will then begin downloading all new files and settings. After the download has completed, the latest content will be available to you and your users.

Inclusion modes for pages and SmartVu's®

If your app contains a large amount of data (e.g. complex 3D files or high resolution videos), you may want to allow your users to download only a part of the app's content. This can be done by making use of the different inclusion modes in VUFRAME® Studio. You can find these options in the App Editor under the tab App Size.

This page allows you to specify the inclusion mode for every page and SmartVu® linked in your app. Currently, the following inclusion modes are supported:

  • Included in initial download: The page or SmartVu® and all its contents will be downloaded when the user first installs the app. This is the default behaviour.

  • Downloaded on demand: When the app is first installed, the page or SmartVu® will not be downloaded, resulting in a smaller app size. To access the page or SmartVu®, the user will have to download it separately.

  • Available during packaging (not included): Pages or SmartVu's® with this inclusion mode will not be included in the final app. This mode is reserved for administrative purposes.

By using the inclusion mode Downloaded on demand, you can significantly reduce the size of your app which is especially useful for very large apps. When a user first tries to access an on-demand page or SmartVu®, they will be asked whether they want to download the required files (see screenshot).

Video Streaming

As high resolution video files often require very large file downloads, VUFRAME® Studio offers special treatment for these files in the form of video streaming. That means that instead of downloading the video files, they will be streamed at runtime. Obviously, this means that a stable internet is required to view the videos. Video streaming can be enabled for every page or SmartVu® separately in the Advanced tab of the feature editor (see screenshot).

Known Issues and Limitations

  • On-Demand inclusion of pages and SmartVu's® is currently only supported on iOS. On other platforms, all content will be downloaded during the installation process, regardless of inclusion settings.

  • To receive content updates after the initial installation process, users will have to download the entire app content. It is currently not possible to only update the downloaded content.

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