How to link Actions to Hotspots

If there are hotspots in your 3D model you can link actions to them.

First you have to add an action in your SmartVu. So open your SmartVu and click on "Edit SmartVu" in the top right screen.

In the tab "Actions" you can add a new action. Click on "Add Action".

Example "Popup With Image Action". You can link content in to your action. The content has to be in your space, so upload it first in the CMS.

How to upload content in to the CMS:

In the tab "Product Variations" your 3D model is linked. Here you can edit the hotspots that are included in the model.

If you open your "3D File" you can add the actions to the existing hotspots. Click on "Mappable Hotspots" to assign them.

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