Account Settings

Changing your Account Settings

You can access your account settings by clicking your profile picture in the top right corner. This will make the following context menu appear:

From here, simply click "Your Account".

You can change the following settings:

  • Name

    • Click "Change Name" to change your name. You can update your First Name and/or Last Name. Confirm by clicking "save".

  • Email

    • Click "Change Email" to update your Email address. Confirm by clicking "save".

  • Password

    • Click "Change Password" to update your password. You have to enter your current password in order to set a new one. Confirm by clicking "save".

  • Profile Image

    • Click "Upload Image" in order to change your Profile Image. This will open a Drag&Drop field for the new image. Either Drag&Drop the new image into the field or click the field and select an Image from your disk.

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