Trust Enterprise Developer (iOS)

The first time you use an app provided by our Vuframe® Appstore, it is necessary to trust Vuframe GmbH as app developer manually.

When you are new to the Vuframe® ecosystem and install an app provided by our Vuframe® Appstore, you need to trust Vuframe® as Enterprise Developer. You will see the following message, if this is the case.

How to trust apps downloaded from the Vuframe Appstore

  • Step 1: Your Devices needs to be connected to the internet.

  • Step 2: Go to Settings > VPN > Profiles & Device Management.

  • Step 3: There will be an entry "Vuframe GmbH".

  • Step 4: Select "Vuframe GmbH" and tap on "Trust Vuframe GmbH".

  • Step 5: Confirm your selection.

Congratulations! 🎉 You can use the app provided by our Vuframe® Appstore like every other app on your device.\

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