How does the Vuframe® Studio work?

Vuframe® Studio in short

The Vuframe® Studio is a web-based editor that offers the possibility to turn your products into photo-realistic SmartVu's® with a single click – just upload your CAD / 3D files, we take care of the rest using our cloud and cutting-edge gaming technology. The created SmartVu’s® are small, secure and photo-realistic thanks to our own proprietary file format and can be embedded into your website and/or existing applications as an iFrame.

And there is more – you can also …

...optimized CAD / 3D files and use them for your own purposes.

...create your own, white-label apps for Android, iOS, Windows and VR headsets.

...create a 3D asset management system that integrates seamlessly with your other software using our API.

This documentation will show you, how you get started using our Vuframe® Studio.

Create an Account

To use the Vuframe® Studio you need your own Studio account. Signing up for a Studio account is free of charges.

Sign up or Login under this link:

If you already have an account, you can login by entering your e-mail and password on this website.

If you do not have your own account yet. Please sign up using the ‘Sign up’ button (1). You will then be able to sign up by entering your personal information.

Structure of the Vuframe® Studio

After logging in you will find yourself in your personal Space. You will see a list of all your SmartVu’s®. If this is your first visit to the Vuframe® Studio. Your SmartVu® list will be empty.\

The main menu can be found on the top left corner (1).

Here you can switch between different accounts and spaces. Every user can be invited to different accounts and spaces. Therefore, every user has a personal Space (here: Anna Ehrmaier’s Project, 1) and can be member of Collaboration Spaces (2).

Depending on the plan you booked for your Space or Collaboration Space the Menu List will be different. In the following pictures you can see that the Basic plan (1) offers less options that the Enterprise plan (2):

In the following you will find a short description of the menu items:

Account: Allows switching between different accounts

Space: Allows switching between different spaces

SmartVu's®: Shows a list of all SmartVu's® in the respective space and offers the possibility to edit them

3D Models: Shows all 3D Models in the respective space and offers the possibility to edit them (a 3D model is contained in a SmartVu®, but it is not the SmartVu® itself)

Material Library: Shows all materials available in the respective space

App Editor: Allows creating and editing apps

CMS: Offers the possibility to upload content that can be integrated in SmartVu’s® and apps

Apps: Shows all apps available in the respective space

SmartVu® List

The SmartVu® List shows a list of all SmartVu’s® in the current space. By clicking on the icons on the bottom right of each SmartVu® card you can share, dublicate and delete the SmartVu® or edit its title and description (1).

When you hover over the SmartVu® card, you will see the QR code of the respective SmartVu® (2).

SmartVu® Details Page

The SmartVu® Details Page gives you an overview over your SmartVu® (1).

The Overview section provides you with a Preview of your 3D model as well as general information.

The summary section provides you with relevant statistical information to your SmartVu®.

The Analytics section offers you statistical information regarding the views of your SmartVu®.

You are also able to see the Filesize of the SmartVu®, in which apps and SmartVu’s® or pages it is referenced and different versions available.

On the top right corner, you have the possibility to delete or edit your SmartVu® (2).

And on the lower left side of the page (3) you have the possibility to share your SmartVu®. You need to share the SmartVu® in order to see it in an app or send the share link to others.

SmartVu® Editor Page

If you click the ‘Edit’-button on the SmartVu® Details Page, the SmartVu® Editor Page opens. The tabs on the top of the page (1) offer the following possibilities:

General: Edit title, Sidebar information and preview image (2)

Linked 3D Model(s): See which 3D models are linked to this SmartVu®

SmartVu® Files: Upload of different additional files that can be included in the SmartVu®

Advanced: Choose additional settings for the appearance of the SmartVu®

Accounts, Spaces and Roles


User Accounts:

There are five different account types with different features:

  • Free (available online)

  • Starter (available online)

  • Professional (available online)

  • Business (available online)

  • Enterprise

What is a Space?


Adding members

Members are invited to a space by e-mail. If there is no existing VUFRAME® account for an invited e-mail address, an invitation to join VUFRAME® will be sent.

Please not that e-mail addresses are not validated by the system. Therefore, please check for typing mistakes.

Invite new members to your Space by changing to the members section of your Space (1) and clicking the button ‘+ members’ (2). A new window opens to enter the e-mail address of the person to be invited and choose their respective role (3).

Please note: A member of any Space can use all Features available in this respective Space, no matter what their own usage plan is. Therefore, a Free Account member can use all Business Account features in the Space of a Business account Owner.

Roles & permissions

Within a Space members can have different roles. A different set of permissions is connected to each role:

Read only: Can see the content of the Space, but cannot edit anything

Editor: Can edit content in SmartVu’s® and apps

Manager: Can edit content in SmartVu’s® and apps & edit setting of the Space & invite members to the space & edit the roles of each member by using a dropdown menu in the members section

Working with Vuframe® Studio

The next section will show you how you can use the Vuframe® Studio to create SmartVu’s® from your 3D files and how you can organize and enrich them with additional information.

Compatible Formats

Supported File Formats:

SmartVu® vs. 3D Model

There is a vital difference between a 3D model and a SmartVu®:

3D Model: 3D file which contains all geometries, textures and material needed for the 3D picture – displayed inside a SmartVu®. A 3D model is created based on the uploaded CAD / 3D file.

SmartVu®: A "smart view", which contains one or more 3D Models – this view can be opened with single link, like a YouTube video. A SmartVu® can contain additional product information, links, pictures etc.

How to create a SmartVu®?

How to create a SmartVu®?:

How to share a SmartVu®?

How to share a SmartVu®:

Groups and Folders

How to use Groups and Folders:

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