How to Download processed 3D models

What file formats can be downloaded?

First of all you can always download the source file you uploaded for processing. Away from that, after processing your file you can download your processed model in the following formats:

  • .vf3d - is the processed model in Vuframes own file format

  • .glb - for embedding your model in a web page and displaying it with Google Web AR

  • .usdz - for embedding your model in a web page and using it for Apple Web AR

  • .auraw - Vuframes own lossless file format

  • Autodesk FBX *.fbx - very common 3D exchange format

Read more about File formats here:

File Formats

Where can I download my models

Click on 3D Models in the side menu.

Choose the model you want to export and open it by clicking.

Switch to the File Formats Tab and click on the Download button next to the format you want to export.

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