How to copy pages and SmartVu's®

In some cases, you may want to create copies specific pages or SmartVu's® in order to modify them or reuse them. The following article describes the different ways to achieve this.

Duplicating SmartVu's® and Pages

Sometimes, you may want to make a copy of an existing SmartVu® - e.g. if you want to reuse the configuration, but with a different 3D model. To do so, open up the SmartVu® list and click the "Duplicate" button on the SmartVu you want to copy (see Screenshot)

An exact copy of the SmartVu® will be created. You can modify this copy as you wish, completely independent of the original.

The newly created SmartVu® is not publicly available. You will have to share it first.

Duplicating app pages works the same way - an exact copy of the page will be added to the app. This also includes references to other pages, so if you duplicate a navigation page, the links to the other SmartVu's® and pages will still work.

Copying single app pages to another app

Sometimes, simply duplicating an app page may not be what you need: If you want to reuse a page in another app, you will need to copy it into that app. To do so, open the app editor of the app you want to copy from. Then, click the "Copy To" button on the page you want to copy and select the target app from the dropdown.

A copy of the page will then be added to the target app.

When copying a page to another app, all references to other pages will be lost! If you want to copy a page and keep the links to its subpages, you should use the deep copy function described below.

Copying app sections to another app

If reusing a single page is not enough, you can also copy whole app sections (e.g. a product section containing a SmartVu® as well as additional pages like media libraries) into other apps. To do so, click the deep copy button on the feature card in the app editor and select the target app.

The selected page and all its subpages will be copied to the target app in the background. This may take a couple of minutes depending on the number of pages to copy and the size of the target app. While the pages are being copied, a progress indicator will be displayed on the right side of the navbar.

The deep copy button is only available for pages that contain at least one subpage.

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