The sidebar allows you to enrich your 3D content with additional information and interactions such as facts about your products and web links.

Filling the Sidebar

The content of your SmartVu's® sidebar is determined by its widgets which can be configured using the SmartVu® Editor. Depending on the template of your SmartVu® as well as your subscription, you can add a variety of widgets such as:

  • SmartVu® Title/Description/Hashtags/Preview Image Widget: Displays the SmartVu's® title, description, hashtags or preview image

  • Text Widget: Displays a custom text that supports HTML-formatting as well as web links

  • Action Button Widget: Displays a clickable button that triggers a custom action

  • Facts Widget: Displays a list of facts about your product as bullet points

  • Properties: Displays a set of properties of your product as a table

  • Media Items: Displays a collection of media items such as images, videos or PDF files

Example for the Media Widget:

  • Product Variations: Allows the user to switch between the different variations of the product

For most SmartVu® templates, the sidebar will contain a number of widgets by default. In most cases, these are SmartVu® Title, Description and Preview Image widgets.

Setting SmartVu® Behavior

In some cases, you may want to hide the sidebar for your SmartVu® or disable it completely. This can be achieved by setting the sidebar behavior in the SmartVu® Editor in the Advanced Settings tab.

You can choose between four different options:

  • Template Default: Use the default behavior for this SmartVu® template. For most templates, this is the same as Show Initially

  • Show Initially: Automatically open the sidebar as soon as the SmartVu® as finished loading

  • Hide Initially: Do not open the sidebar automatically, but allow opening it manually

  • Disable: Completely remove the sidebar

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