Image with Hotspots

Image with hotspots to trigger actions or navigation.

In the tab "General" you can edit the titel of the page.

In the tab "Editor" you can add your buttons to the image. Klick on "Add Button" and place it in the image. These buttons will be shown in the tab "Buttons & Hotspots, where you can edit them.

In the tab "Style" you can set a custom image for buttons and hotspots. There are also some other options to change the style of the page. You can set a background color and can set a transparent navigation bar.

In the tab "Content" you can set a background image and you can change the alignment of the image.

In the tab "Buttons & Hotspots" you have a list of buttons and hotspots. You can eddit them and link features/actions to them. Features can be other pages or SmartVus. You can choose between a button and a hotspot. In a hotspot you can link a custom image.

In the tab "Actions" you can eddit actions that can be linked in to buttons or hotspots. An action could be a "open website action" for example.

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