Video Download Manager

Videos configured as "streamed" can be downloaded in the Apps with the Video Download Manager.

How does it work?

As described in this article, videos can be configured to be streamed instead of downloaded onto the device. To enable the user to still download videos (for later offline use), which are originally configured to be streamed, the Video Download Manager can be used.

In the Vuframe® Studio, the access to the Video Download Manager can be granted by adding the action 'Open Settings Action'. This action can be linked to any UI elements, which support assigning Actions.

When clicking on a UI element, which is linked to the 'Open Settings Action', the following popover will appear.

The Video Download Manager lists the current Page/SmartVu® with all its videos as well as it's linked Pages/SmartVus® and their related videos. If a Page/SmartVu® does not contain any videos, it will not appear in the list at all. The videos, which are already available offline are marked with a green checkmark icon. All other videos can be selected and be downloaded via the Download button in the top right corner. Once videos are downloaded and available offline, they can not be deleted from the app anymore.

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