How to add localization/other languages to your SmartVu®

Learn how to localize your SmartVu's® and VUFRAME® Apps

Many parts of our SmartVu's® can be localized for different languages. The shown content can therefor be set independently for every language.

If you wanna use different languages you need to first add all desired languages to your Space. Afterwards certain parts of your SmartVu's® can be set for every language. Our Apps will use the content of your default language if there is no content set for the language of your device


Your Project has the default language English (United States, United Kingdom, Australia). You added the language German (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) to your Space. Now if you edit a SmartVu® in your Space you can choose what fields should differ from the default language on german devices.

Localize your content

You can localize your content by activating the localization for certain fields of your SmartVu®. Here are some examples

Adding languages to your Space

  1. Log in to your account at

  2. Open the left sidebar by clicking on the VUFRAME® Logo, hover over your Space and click Space Details & Settings

  3. On the top right corner click on Settings

  4. Under Languages click on +Add Language, choose a new language and press Add Language

  5. The new language is now set up for your project

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