Natively integrate your custom Vuframe® app into your website and never loose another visitor again.

Vuframe's deep-linking functionality is powered by - their service is free to start.

Goal & Prerequisites

You want to use your white-label Vuframe® app as a custom viewer which is opened on Android and iOS devices automatically when a user opens a SmartVu® link or scans a QR code. This is called deep-linking.

Especially with Apple iOS this behavior is not easy to achieve, as the technical environment changes with every other release of iOS. Thus we rely on the de-facto industry-standard: offers a whole suite of tracking, attribution and marketing tools. For the scope of achieving deep-linking functionality for any app we just will use their "Mobile Linking" functionality which comes with any free-foreven account.

Step 1: Setup your Account

Head over to and create your free account. Once you confirmed your email and logged into your account the following dialog will be shown:

The screenshot above shows the information you need to provide. Feel free to answer the first question "Do you have a website?" however you link: Yes or No.

Step 2: Add the add-on to your app

You can now add the App Linking Integration ( add-on to your app and enter the branch link you chose during setup of your account, e.g.

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