How to create a SmartVu®?

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How to create a SmartVu®?

To create a new SmartVu® go to your SmartVu® list using the main menu (1). Then click the button ‘+SmartVu®’ on top of your SmartVu® list (2.)

Click on ‘create from 3D or CAD File’ (3)\

Choose your file format (4)

Upload the file per Drag& drop (5)

Processing of the uploaded file and converting in a SmartVu® (6)

The SmartVu® is created in a new SmartVu® card (7)

Some guidelines for uploading 3D and CAD files:

  • The files should be uploaded as .zip files including the 3D scene as well as relevant textures

  • Textures need to be in a sub-folder on one level with the 3D file

  • Each .zip file may only include one 3D file

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