Vuframe® Viewer App

Our app does for SmartVu's® what the YouTube App does for videos!

Our Viewer Apps gives you the possibility to test the capabilities of our system. You can do so by browsing our examples or adding shared SmartVu's® from the VUFRAME® Studio by entering their ShareCode or scanning their QR-Code.

The App is available for iOS, Android and Windows

How to use the apps

After starting an installed App you will be greeted with the Bookmarks Page. If you haven't bookmarked any SmartVu's® yet, the list will be empty. On mobile apps it will show a "Browse Examples"-Button that will redirect you to our predefined examples.

WindowsMobile Apps

Adding a SmartVu® by ShareCode

To add a SmartVu®, click the Add Button ('+') in the top right corner. On mobile apps you can choose between entering the ShareCode or scanning a QR-Code, on windows you need to enter a ShareCode.

If you now enter a valid ShareCode or scan the QR-Code of a SmartVu®, you will get some informations about the SmartVu® you are about to download.​

Once you downloaded the SmartVu®, you can start exploring it.​


When downloading a SmartVu®, it will automatically be added to your Bookmarks so that you can easily find it again whenever you start the app​

If you want to delete the bookmark or delete the content of the SmartVu® in order to free space on your disk drive, swipe the bookmarked card to the left. This will reveal a menu as seen in the next image.​


The windows app gives you the option to delete just the content of the SmartVu®, but it will stay bookmarked. If you want to watch it again afterwards you need to re-download it.

On Mobile apps, the swiped menu gives you the option to send a Share-Link to other devices.

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