Microsoft Windows

The VUFRAME® App for Microsoft Windows allows you to download and open SmartVu's® on Desktop systems

Getting Started


You can get the latest version here: VUFRAME® App for Windows. To install the app, simply extract the downloaded file and run the executable inside.


Depending on your operating system, you might see a Windows Defender SmartScreen Warning. On this window, you need to press "more information" to reveal the button "run anyway".

The installer requires administrator privileges to install all necessary files. If it is not possible for you to run the installer as administrator, you can also extract the installer manually with a tool like 7zip. The installation routine only requires you to provide a valid destination folder for the application. There are no other settings or options necessary. The installer will automatically create a desktop shortcut after the installation is done.

How to use the app

After running the installer, start the app by clicking on the created Desktop Shortcut named "VUFRAME® App".

Adding a SmartVu® by ShareCode

After the first launch, you will have no bookmarks saved in the app.

To add a SmartVu®, click the Add Button ('+') in the top right corner. This will bring you to the input field as seen in the next image.

If you now enter a valid ShareCode, you will get some informations about the SmartVu® you are about to download.

Once you downloaded the SmartVu®, you can start exploring it.


Deleting a SmartVu®

When downloading a SmartVu®, it will automatically be added to your Bookmarks so that you can easily find it again whenever you start the a.

If you want to delete the bookmark or delete the content of the SmartVu® in order to free space on your disk drive, swipe the bookmarked card to the left. This will reveal a menu as seen in the next image.

If you only delete the content, the SmartVu® will stay bookmarked but you need to re-download it if you want to look at it again.

Options Menu

Using the windowed mode

The red button in the top right corner will reveal a side menu which lets toggle between windowed and full screen mode.

Updating the App

The app will check for updates on each app start. You can also check for updates manually by using the "Check for App Update" Button in the Options Menu.

Aura 3D (.aura3d) and Vuframe 3D (.vf3d) preview mode

You can preview .aura3d and .vf3d files by either

  • drag&drop them into the app OR

  • open the files specifically with the app OR

  • start the app from commandline and pass the file as first argument

Supported SmartVu® Templates

  • Simple SmartVu®

Other SmartVu® Templates might (but are not guaranteed to) work as well. There will be support for more templates in the future.

System Requirements

This Application is compatible with Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10 (x86, not ARM).

The required system performance (CPU / GPU) depends on the complexity of the SmartVu's® you want to open. The App itself will only take up about 130 mb but you will need more space depending on the SmartVu's® you want to open. A dedicated gaphics card (dGPU) is recommended but not required.

Our basic examples are already running smoothly on very low end machines (Dual Core CPU with iGPU, 4GB RAM)

Known Issues/Limitations

  • There is no support for Augmented Reality (AR)

  • Compared to the mobile app, it is currently not possible to Login into your Studio® account and preview unshared SmartVu's®. This feature will be added in a future version

  • There is no localization in the app

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