Open Settings Action

Description of the Open Settings Action

The Open Settings Action allows you to link to your In-App Settings from any place in your app. Upon activation the Action the App will show the Settings window:

Setting up your Open Settings Action

General Setup

  1. Open the App Editor and choose the app you want to work on

  2. Open the Page/SmartVu® you want to add the Action to

  3. Open the Actions tab, then click on the +Add Action button

  4. Choose the Open Settings Action

Advanced options

  1. Rename the action: If you want, you can rename your Action.

  2. Set a Starting tab for your Action: ****If you want to lead the app user to a specific Settings tab you can choose it here. If you choose "Video Download Settings" like in the example the action will automatically open it upon clicking:

Putting your action into your App

After setting it up, you can link your Open Settings Action to the buttons or icons of the Page/SmartVu® (Actions-Article)

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