With the Tour Extension you can create a guided Ego tour through your SmartVu's® that can play automatically or controlled by user input.

The Tour Extension is available for both, the Simple SmartVu® and SmartVu® templates.

To access the Tour Extension UI you need to select at least Version 3 of the Webviewer in your Space Settings. If you want to know more on how to change the Webviewer please read this article: Opt In for latest Webviewer Version

How to Setup the extension in the Vuframe Studio®

Select the SmartVu you want to add a tour by clicking on it on the SmartVu’s® page. Click on „Edit SmartVu®“ on the top right and switch to the Extensions tab. Use the „+ Add Extensions“ button and select „Tour“.

After the Tour Extension was added you can change the following options.

  1. „Time between stops“ - sets the time in seconds the tour will rest in on position before transitioning to the next Stop

  2. Autoplay - Can be set on or off, if set to on the tour will start automatically

  3. Autoplay Delay - sets the time in seconds before autoplay is activated or resumed after user interaction

  4. Stops - you can add a list of the ego hotspots in your SmartVu® that should be included in your tour, also you can set the order of the ego hotspots. Separate the IDs of the hotspots with comma.Leave empty to include all ego hotspots

How to start the Tour in your SmartVu®

There is a small difference betwenn using the standalone and the embed version in your web browser. If you don't know the difference between both, please read this article: Embed with iFrame

In standalone there is a Play Button that, once it is pressed, will start the tour.

When using the embed version with the reduced UI is a Start button on the bottom middle of your screen.

After the Tour is started there are 3 buttons in the bottom middle of your screen. Previous and Next that will navigate you through the individual tour stops. And Stop, that will stop the tour and will send the user back to the 3d mode of the scene and the camera will rotate around the scene center.

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