Files uploaded to VUFRAME® Studio are securely stored in a cloud storage system. The following article describes how that works and how your storage usage is calculated.

How does it work?

Every file that you upload to VUFRAME® Studio is processed and/or converted and then placed in our secure cloud storage system. The total amount of storage is limited - the amount depends on the plan you have purchased. To see how much storage you have left and what folders and SmartVu's® are using up the most space, access the storage page for your profile by opening the profile dropdown in the top right corner of the navigation bar and selecting Your Account. Now, switch to the Cloud Storage tab to view a breakdown of your storage usage.

You will see a list of all spaces owned by your account. Every entry can be expanded to show all folders and SmartVu's in that space and the total storage they use.

Note that the size of the space does not necessarily match the sum of the pages and SmartVu's®. This is due to the fact that when copying SmartVu's®, they still reference the original file, so the total storage usage does not change.

To free up cloud storage, you may delete existing SmartVu's®, folders and items.

Exceeding Your Storage Limit

If you come close to reaching the storage limit for your account, a warning will be displayed in the navigation bar.

If you continue to upload more files and exceed the amount of storage available to your account, you will no longer be able to upload any new content or create new SmartVu's® from 3D files.

If you want to continue creating content in VUFRAME® Studio, you have two options:

  • Delete some of your existing content

  • Contact us via Intercom or mail to request additional cloud storage for your account

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