SmartVu® Browser

The SmartVu® Browser gives you the opportunity to project 3D Models onto predefined Markers inside your live camera feed.


MarkerMarker with Ar

Marker + 3D Model

Marker + AR Buttons

You can test its capabilities by opening our example within the mobile Vuframe® Apps. Just enter the examples page throught the sidebar, open the SmartVu® subtitled with "Your virtual outdoor equipment" and then the SmartVu® Browser "Vuframe ISPO AR FLYER". Scan one of this 2 pictures with the SmartVu® Browser to see the AR-Content:

Create your own SmartVu® Browser

  1. Log in to your account at

  2. Open the left sidebar by clicking on the VUFRAME® Logo and go to SmartVu's®

  3. Click on +SmartVu®

  4. Choose Create from SmartVu® Template, then SmartVu® Browser

  5. Choose your Title and Descrition and hit Create

  6. Go to Content and choose a Marker Collection (you can learn how to create your own marker collection here)

  7. All Markers set in the Collection should now be shown below; you can set an Action, that is started when the Marker gets scanned and/or put a 3D Scene, that will be displayed above the Marker when it is detected, by yourSmartVu® Browser.

  8. Click Save in the top right corner and wait for your changes to be processed. Your app will show a new downloadable Content-Update after a short while

Create a Marker Collection

  1. Log in to your account at

  2. Open the left sidebar by clicking on the VUFRAME® Logo and go to CMS

  3. Choose or create a folder in which you wanna save your marker collection

  4. After entering the folder click on Upload files

  5. Go to Third Party Files and select Marker Collection and click Create Marker Collection

  6. The system will process the new file for a short duration, afterwards click on your newly create Marker Collection

  7. Add as many Markers as you need with the Add Marker button and choose an Image for each of them (a scroll-down menue will show you all the Images currently available in your Cms folders. You can add new images in the same way as you added the marker collection)

  8. Click Save Changes to save your Markers to the Marker Collection

Localize your SmartVu™ Browser


  1. Set your project up for localization (Guide)

  2. Open your Ar-Browser (SmartVu® Browser) at

  3. Go to actions and Setup all the actions you want to link in your browser:

4. Open the Content tab to see the the preferences for your standard language (if you havent set the target actions yet, go ahead and set the desired actions for this language as in the image below):

5. Select the language you want to set a different action for (see step 1 if your language tab doesn´t show the desired language).

6. Click on +Set

7. Now Choose the Target Actions for the new language

8. Click Save at the top to confirm your changes


In your App the SmartVu® Browser will now show a language flag at the top right corner, by clicking the flag you will be presented with a selection of all avaible languages in your project:

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