Video Streaming

The video streaming option can be used to determine how apps should access uploaded videos from the Vuframe® studio.

How does it work?

In the Vuframe Studio, each Page and SmartVu® can be configured to either enable or disable the streaming of its linked videos. This setting can be found under Advanced -> Stream Videos.

Stream Video Options

If the option is set to disabled, the Page/SmartVu® can only be opened in the app, if the respective videos were already downloaded on the device. By using this option, it is ensured, that the user has the videos stored locally on the phone and can access the videos even though he doesn't have any internet connection. Therefore the overall app size may increase significantly.

On the contrary if the option is set to enabled, the user can only access the videos in case he has an internet connection, since the videos are streamed. Using this option can help to reduce the app size significantly.

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